SHATTER The Digital Mindset – Print with ATTITUDE!

It’s a competitive marketplace – success requires embracing the environment. Are you standing out in the mailbox? Are you being as efficient as you can be? It’s all about the consumer…. what do they want?

Tangible, touchable… print is an easy medium to develop and leverage to maintain the consumer relationship. You know this! Brands should consider innovating and testing alternative print methods. WHY? To supplement their direct marketing strategy; deliver their message and drive incremental sales. Learn and remember how unique formats are a terrific way to drive differentiated messages and powerful calls-to-action. Listen to the experts as they share how to use this powerful medium to complement your programs and market to multi-generations.

Key Session Takeaways:

  1. How print drives response
  2. Visual, touch and smell – why your senses matter
  3. Learn why the future of digital is print


  • Steve Rhodes, Senior Innovation Specialist, Japs-Olson


  • Laura N. Hanson, Marketing Director, Grande Communications
  • Victoria Jayes, Account Supervisor, FARM
  • Karen Rice Gardiner, Consultant and former General manager of marketing, SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION