Kristi Wraspir

Director of CRM and Personalization @ Best Buy

With over 25 years of direct mail experience, Kristi Wraspir has ridden the evolutionary wave of direct response, digital marketing and personalization.

Kristi cut her marketing teeth at Fingerhut as a Marketing Analyst, continuing onto North American Membership Group where she led Product Marketing, and today is leading Best Buy’s CRM Strategy + Personalization team.

The consistent theme and passion throughout Kristi’s career is the strategic use of data and insights to drive radically relevant 1:1 messaging which guides the customer lifecycle and shopping journey.

As the digital landscape has gotten more crowded, direct mail has resurged in prominence over the last 5 years at Best Buy. Kristi’s team uses direct mail as an impactful lever within their CRM strategy, driving incremental and synergistic engagement and conversion. With the right targeting and objectives, direct mail consistently ranks as one of Best Buy’s most efficient and effective marketing vehicles.