Mike Fitzsimons

Chief Executive Officer and Founder @ DeskNet

Mike Fitzsimons, DeskNet’s CEO and founder, has over 25 years’ experience in the field of automated publishing.  Mike has overseen the development of and the delivery of numerous solutions that enable DeskNet’s customers to automate the creation and distribution of their publications, marketing materials, and client reports.

DeskNet’s SaaS platform, ContentWelder ™, combines compliant content management, automated account-based marketing, and a customizable
storefront into one easy-to-use sales enablement platform.  ContentWelder’s open API supports rapid integration into the business enterprise and is integrated across FedEx Office’s national network of 1800+ print centers to track materials to your customer’s doorstep.

Mike is passionate about helping customers implement solutions that drive revenue growth and deliver a tangible ROI.   Mike is a frequent speaker at
industry seminars on topics covering the latest trends and innovations in Account Based Marketing, Sales Enablement and Dynamic Client Reporting. Mike is a graduate of Regis University, worked on Wall Street for Dreman Value Management, Restaurant Associates, and competed on the Ford World Pro-Mogul Tour before founding DeskNet.